An interest based approach

With our indoor and outdoor programs we plan activities around each child’s individual needs and interests. At Spring Farm ELC we structure learning so children are engaged and interested and develop in a caring environment.

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Early Years Learning Framework

Our program is based on the Early Years Learning Framework and we individually tailored it to your child to allow them to develop at their individual pace. We have the following 5 learning outcomes:


Children are confident and naturally involved learners


Children have a strong sense of wellbeing

Connect & Contribute

Children have a connection with the world as well as a sense of belonging and the ability to contribute


Children have a strong sense of identity


Children are effective communicators

By incorporating these outcomes into our learning framework we provide a comprehensive experience for your child’s learning and their day-to-day activities. We know that each child is unique and we believe it is important to allow your child to develop in their own natural way and pace.


We love Storypark – and we think you will, too! A recent survey found that 70% of parents were more likely to send their child to a centre that offered it.

Like many leading Australian childcare centres, Spring Farm ELC uses Storypark to provide personalised learning never seen before. Our educators benefit from having high-level training and support on hand with a large community of professional early learning specialists. Our parents can receive fresh feedback on their child’s progress whenever they’d like to.

The benefits of Storypark

Storypark connects children, facilitators and families like never before in early childhood education. Through Storypark we as educators are able to communicate learning as it happens via a multitude of mediums. Parents and caregivers are now able to see how their child is progressing, what kind of learning interests them and where more attention may be given.